WP7 - ICT as facilitator of TDE 

The rapid development of ICT over the past decade has had a tremendous influence on all sorts of transnational relations and contacts from individual to  institutional level. Development of the information society holds promises for ICT-solutions as a strong facilitator and supporter of North/South linking entrepreneurs, mentors and investors.

There are plenty of ICT tools and techniques that can be used for performing TDE activities. Objective of WP 7 is the development and evaluation of an ICT-platform that support formation and training of transnational teams.

WP7 group works on implementing the following three services  

  1. Internal communication within the network
  2. Dissemination to the scientific and public community
  3. Tools for promoting and supporting diasporas international entrepreneurship and trade 

Scheduled sub-tasks of WP7 are as follows; 

Task 7.1: Review of ICT-tools as applied to TDE knowledge base, contained knowledge of entrepreneurial integration and scenarios of typical entrepreneurial behaviors

Task 7.2: Design of modularized e-learning training programs, intended to impart knowledge and skills on entrepreneurship development including legal and regulatory framework, entrepreneurial economics, entrepreneurial marketing, entrepreneurial finance, entrepreneurial creativity and innovation, and other aspects of TDE.

Task 7.3: Analysis of decision support algorithms in the TDE field

Task 7.4: Design search algorithms to match individuals and groups of migrants that satisfy the same needs, or aspire for achievement of the same entrepreneurial goals, and formation of transnational entrepreneurial teams.

The leader of this work package is Stockholm University (SU), Sweden. Other partners contributing to WP7 are  Adyghe State University (ASU), Russia, Department of Mathematics, and Computer Sciences, Roskilde University (RUC), Denmark, Stichting the Network University (TNU).